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CUBETIQ masters in beautifying both exterior and interior spaces. Our panels add meaning to a space in terms of form and function as they give a decorative edge, while servicing practical purpose. Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, and can be tailored to client’s specifications; our panels are an affordable luxury featured product that can be owned by anyone and everyone.

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Skeleton Panel

Line Engraved Panel

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Aluminium Composite Panel

Use as decorative material as it is thin. The versatile nature of decorative panels makes them suitable for any kind of interior décor as well as exterior environments.

Thickness 3mm (1 thickness only)
Product sizes (in inch) 2’X2’ | 2’X4’ | 4’X8’
Product sizes (in mm) 600x600 | 600x1200 | 1200x2400
Color 9 colours

PVC Foam Board

Commonly used as divider or partition as it is thicker, highly flexible and capable of delivering privacy. Besides that, it also reduces noise and solar flare, while giving the space a modern aesthetic look.

Thickness 5mm | 10mm | 15mm
Product sizes (in inch) 2’X2’ | 2’X4’ | 4’X8’
Product sizes (in mm) 600x600 | 600x1200 | 1200x2400
* Other colours can be applied with spray paint

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Over 20 Years Experience

Over 20 Years Experience

98% Customer Satisfaction

98% Customer Satisfaction

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

One Stop Solutions

One Stop Solutions


Thickness is the main difference between Aluminium Composite Board and PVC Foam Board, which Aluminium Composite Board is 3mm thick and PVC Foam Board is 15mm.

Both materials are suitable for outdoor use. Aluminium composite board is used for wall panel and ceiling panel. However, PVC FOAM Board can be used for both wall and wall panel, as well as divider.

Yes. There is a charge of RM50-RM100 for alteration on our ready design panel.

Yes, there is an additional charge based on site measurement and condition.

About Us

CUBETIQ is supported by a group of experienced expert to deliver best creative solution to fulfil our customers’ needs. Passion to strive for greater quality and unquenchable enthusiasm for innovation are the engine that make Cubetiq one of the leading players in the industry.

Customers’ problem is our concern, difficulties from installation and maintenance to safety and environmental impact-Cubetiq provides satisfying answers to you.

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